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Reveal Hierarchical Structures of Data

  • Innovative technology: deep hierarchical learning.
Deep Hierarchical Learning generates a cluster tree that reflects the natural hierarchical organization of the data.
  • Practical applications:
    • 50x faster solution to data annotation.
    • "1+ clicks" solution to photo editing.
    • And much more (under development): holistic scene understanding, open-set long-tail recognition, ...
  • A path to true data understanding.

Core Technology

Deep Hierarchical Learning*

Classical Deep Learning/Machine Learning: Given data, it outputs a prediction, represented as a vector.
It, by itself, does not provide an explanation of the answer. Deep Hierarchical Learning: Given data, it outputs a hierarchical description of the data, represented as a tree. 1) It provides rich answers at different levels of abstraction. 2) High level answers (on the top) can be explained by lower level evidence, recursively.

When Applied to Image Data*

1) Results in a new Paradigm of Image Analysis; 2) Process image by operating on cluster tree nodes (regions), instead of pixels.

Fast Image Annotation*

New approach: labeling image by annotating cluster tree nodes (regions), instead of pixels.

  • 50x faster
  • Always works
  • Accurate boundary

Fast Photo Editing*

Our approach is faster and more user friendly than tradtional approaches, by directly manipulating cluster tree nodes.

  • Select object with 1+ clicks
  • Always works
    • Works for all object categories
    • User has full control
  • Accurate boundary


1) Clustering is a core task in data science and AI; 2) Hierarchical structures exist in many data modalities; 3) Our core technology can be applied widely.

About Us

  • What we do:
    Entropee AI enables fast and accurate data annotation and manipulation, by revealing the hidden hierarchical structures in data.
  • Our mission:
    Entropee AI’s mission is to understand data and use it to solve challenging problems in the world.